What is an Upward Review?

A brief explanation of the Upward Review step in Review Cycles

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In the Upward Review step in a Review Cycle, each participant will be asked to answer a series of questions about their manager's performance during the review period.

If an assessment question has been selected while setting up the cycle, it will be included during this step.

Depending on how the cycle is set up, the responses may or may not be shared with the participant's manager.

Note: When setting up the Review Cycle, select the people who you'd like to be the subject(s) of the upward review, and their direct reports will be automatically contacted about their responses. You don't need to add the direct reports to the review separately.

What are the Sharing Options for Upward Reviews?

There are 3 sharing options for Upward Reviews;

1. The subject of the Upward Review receives a summary of the responses from their direct reports, which is written by the subject's manager. The original feedback won't be shared. This option offers the most anonymity for responders, and, as a result, is the most popular option for Upward Reviews.

2. Managers are given the option to share the original feedback with the subject of the Upward Review.

3. Subject receives full Upward Review feedback automatically. Once submitted, the original feedback will be made available to the subject of the upward review immediately via the Completed Reviews page.

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