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Slack Integration - Available Commands
Slack Integration - Available Commands

An overview of the Slack Commands available through the Frankli integration

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Slash Commands

Slash commands are quick commands you use by typing them into the message box. When setting up the integration, you can choose a specific channel as the destination for all the company's praise, giving praise greater visibility across your teams.


Sends praise in Frankli to all the people you mention in your message. Every person that you mention in your message will receive a copy of your praise on their Frankli profile. Each person you mention in your message must have a Frankli account.

/praise Great work @john and @alan on our latest project

will appear in Frankli as

Note: You cannot tag company values with the slash command. You will need to use the praise global shortcut if you want to include company values with your praise.

Global Shortcuts

Global shortcuts are actions that can be accessed at any time without having to use messages.

Global Shortcuts can be accessed by clicking the Shortcuts button

After clicking the Shortcuts button, type "Frankli" into the search area and click on the Frankli option at the bottom of the list show below to see a list of all available Frankli commands.

From here you can click on an action you want to perform

Connect your account

If you have not already linked your Frankli and Slack accounts, clicking this action will send you a message containing a link that will allow you to link your Frankli and Slack accounts. If you have already linked your account, you will be sent a message saying your account has already been linked.

Give Praise

This shortcut allows you to give praise to another colleague without having to leave Slack.

Note: The company value selection will not show if your company has not set any company values in Frankli

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