With input from industry and based on our collective experience, here's our list of suggested talking points for use throughout your 1:1 meetings.

Employee led Conversation

Description: An opportunity for a focused regular one to one between people

What's the most important thing we need to discuss today?

What obstacles are you encountering right now?

What are the most important things you will focus on before we meet next?

Performance Review Outcome

Description: An opportunity to discuss the outcome of a recent review cycle in a focused manner

From your perspective, how do you feel you have progressed during this review period?

Looking forward, what are some priorities we are going to work on?

What's the most important thing I can do differently for you as your manager?

Manager led conversation

Description: An opportunity to focus the conversations on your people's priorities and how you can support these

Do you feel you’re getting enough feedback? Why/why not?

How could I do a better job communicating with you?

Which areas would you like more or less direction from me on your work?

What would you like to see change about these discussions? How could we make them more useful for you?

Focused on Career

Description: An opportunity to focus in on career priorities

What are the new things you learned at work lately? What are the areas you want to learn about?

Do you feel like we're helping you advance your career? What can I be doing to help grow your career?

What is one aspect of your job you would like more help or coaching with?

A year from now, what do you want to have accomplished?

Job satisfaction

Description: An opportunity to discuss points related to satisfaction in role

Do you feel like you're growing in your role? What makes you say that?

What feedback/praises have you been getting about your current priorities?

What’s a recent situation you wish you handled differently? What would you change?

What’s an area of your work you want to improve? How can we work together on that?

Can you give some specific examples of when you enjoyed working here the most?

Team and Company

Description: An opportunity to focus in on team and company performance

How would you describe how work is shared among team members?

How would you rate our communication as a team?

How would you say we're doing at working together as a team? What makes you say that?

Who inspires you in the team? Whose opinions do you respect? What have they done?

What's the biggest opportunity you see that we aren't thinking about?

Work-life Balance

Description: An opportunity to discuss aspects relating to work life balance

What is an ideal, productive day at work for you? Walk me through the day…

What makes you excited and motivated to work on a particular project?

What part of your work routine do you find is working best? What area do you want to improve?

What’s one thing we could change about work for you that would improve your personal life?

Goal Owners

Description: An opportunity to formalise discussion between goal owners

What progress have we made since the last meeting?

In terms of the Objective and the key results, are they still relevant?

How likely are we achieve this goal?

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