As an Admin on Frankli you have access to edit a number of pieces of information relating to each person you create.

Viewing existing people

From the Admin Dashboard, navigate to Company and then Company View.

This will present you with a list of all people that exist within your organization in Frankli.

From here you can edit either a single person or multiple people at a time.

Editing people

Editing one person

To the right of the user you want to edit, click on the edit icon.

This will open a panel with their details filled out.

From here you can edit one or more of the available fields as needed.

When you are happy with the changes you have made, click on Update.

The updates made will take effect immediately.

We will cover off both Revoke Access and Archive Person in separate articles.

Editing multiple people at once

To start, enable bulk actions by clicking the Bulk Actions button in the top right of the page.

Select the people who you wish to edit. You can use the filters to find them more easily.

Once you have selected at least one person, an edit option should appear in the banner at the bottom of the screen.

Click on Edit.

This should bring up a panel which will allow you to edit one or more of the available fields associated with a person.

Make the required changes and click Next when you are ready.

You will be shown a preview of any changes that will occur due to these edits.

If there are any errors, they will be highlighted in the preview and you will have to go back to the previous form to fix them.

Once all your changes are valid, clicking next will bring you to a new screen where you will be asked to type CONFIRM to apply your changes.

Once you have typed confirm and clicked the Confirm button, the updates made will take effect immediately.

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