Revoke A Person

Need to disable a persons access temporarily? Here's how.

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As a Frankli Administrator you have the ability to revoke an active persons access on request. Similar to other Admin functions navigate to your Admin Dashboard located under the 'Admin' menu item in your sidebar.

Next select 'Company > Company View'. 

This will load a single table view of all users on Frankli within your organisation. From the table menu items you will see a column entitled 'Actions'. Hover over and click on the icon shown highlighted in below for the individual persons access that will be revoked.

Next confirm you have the right person and proceed to click the button highlighted below entitled 'Revoke Access'

Next Confirm the action or click cancel.

What happens next?

  • The persons access will be disabled within Frankli. 

  • To their colleagues they will still display as a normal active person throughout Frankli

  • The person in question will be logged out and will not be able to log in again until the access is reinstated. 

Learn more about what you can do in your 'Admin Dashboard' here

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