Once a poll has received responses from more than 3 recipients, or has expired, you will be able to see the responses.

In the 'Surveys & Polls' sidebar option, Click 'View' to be brought to the Polls and Surveys published.

Click on the 'Polls' tab to see the list of published polls. If the poll has enough responses or has closed, you will be able to click the View icon to be brought to the results.

Here you will be shown the poll questions, and the answers beside them. For likert scale questions, the answers will have the percentages of respondents that chose certain answers, and for text or multiple choice you are able to click 'View' or the eye icon to see the list of responses.

The dotted line shows the average answer across all responses for that question in likert scale responses. This corresponds to the headings across the top, which list likert scale answers, and the colours correspond to the segments of the bars in the response section.

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