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Getting started With Frankli
Getting Started with Frankli as a User
Getting Started with Frankli as a User

A quick guide to your first steps in Frankli

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How to get Started with Frankli as a User

1. When your Frankli Admin adds you to your company's Frankli account, you'll be sent an invitation email with a temporary password.

2. The Sign Up button in the email will take you directly to the Frankli login page. This is located at

3. Use your work email address and temporary password to log in.

4. Once logged in, you'll be prompted to set a new password.

5. Your next step is to add some information to your profile. You can do this by selecting the dropdown menu beside your name on the navigation bar at the top of the page and selecting Edit Profile.

6. From here, you can add Personal Details, Profile Details, Location Details, Personal Interests, and Professional Interests. Much of this information is optional. Find out more about editing your profile.

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