The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a simple way to measure loyalty at work and then know exactly what makes an employee more likely to recommend your workplace or not. It measures the likelihood of whether an employee would be willing to recommend your company as a place to work and it will form an important part of the overall Engagement Reporting in Frankli.

Creating eNPS survey in Frankli

Start by clicking on 'Surveys' in the sidebar and click 'Create' as shown below.

1. Select eNPS survey template

2. Configure and preview questions

Next, you can decide if you want the additional questions to show after responders mark the eNPS question to 6 or below. You can also decide that you don’t want to show the additional questions at all.

3. Define your audience

Select who you want the survey to be sent to. You can order by name, department, office location, manager or start date. You can also search survey recipients by name.

3. eNPS Survey Schedule and Message

Once you’re happy with all of the eNPS survey content, you can set the title of your survey, define a message to go out with your email and also you can decide when the survey should be published.

What happens next?

Sit back and watch survey responses arrive in real-time. Navigate to ‘Surveys > View’ to view your eNPS score and results for additional questions.

Selected employees will be asked to complete eNPS survey and will subsequently be invited to participate again after 90 days.

Note: You can only view survey responses once at least three people have given their responses. Again, this is to protect anonymity of your people in this process.

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