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Organising regular 1:1's with your people
Organising regular 1:1's with your people

As a Manager here we take you through how to get set-up with regular 1:1's with your direct reports using Frankli

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What is a 1:1?

1:1's is a tool that allows you, as a manager, to facilitate regular focus conversations with your direct reports over a shared agenda.

Why should you have one?

Setting regular 1:1 meetings with your people provides a mechanism to facilitate conversations around performance expectations, and provide support and coaching needed when it matters most on an ongoing basis.

Based on industry research, a regular commitment to meet with & support your people builds trust, improves engagement & ultimately lends to better outcomes in terms of productivity.

How Frankli helps you track 1:1s

  • A 1:1 schedule has a defined first date and time and then a frequency for recurring 1:1s that can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, annually or on an individual basis.

  • You can connect your Microsoft / Google account and view availability directly via outlook calendar

  • You have the ability to host the meeting in person or via video using your favourite tools (MS Teams, Slack, Zoom)

  • An ability to select and set a list of recurring talking points or to choose from a list of predefined templates

  • Invites and reminders are sent via email and displayed in app for scheduled meetings

  • An ability to collaborate (both participants) on the talking points ahead of meeting

  • You will have access to a rich view of employee goal progress, ideas, praise and feedback are visible both before and during a meeting.

  • Participants can action items, create new action points, capture shared and private notes and add files to the 1:1 meeting.

  • Once marked as complete, the next meeting in the 1:1 schedule gets created.

  • From calendar view, you can easily look back at past 1:1 events to recap, access notes and use as a reference point for future conversations on performance.

Note: When you're creating a new 1:1 schedule and you're logged with your Microsoft / Google Account - Frankli will connect to your Outlook / Google calendar to get the latest information about your and the participants availability. This will make picking the best time for the meeting easier.

The emphasis here is really on creating a collaborative rolling agenda for you and your direct reports.

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