A talking point template is a collection of recurring talking points that can be chosen when creating a 1:1. These talking points are then used in every meeting of this 1:1.

Choosing a Template

Whilst creating a 1:1, you have the ability to choose any talking point template that you have permission to use by clicking 'Choose Template'.

Note: If you wish to clear the current talking points simply click 'Clear All' next to 'Choose Template'.

Once you've click on 'Choose Template' a popup displays that allows you to search and select a specific template to use.

Clicking on the template you wish to use will populate the recurring talking points for this 1:1 with the talking points from this template.

Managing the Talking Point Templates in your Company

As an Admin you have the ability to add and edit the talking point templates that will appear for all users who wish to create a 1:1 in Frankli.

Navigate to your 'Admin Dashboard' and click in on the available 'One to Ones' option.

Here you will see a list of talking point templates defined for your company in Frankli. Each template has permissions associated with it, meaning that only certain groups of users can use certain templates.

Add a new Template

To add a new talking point template to the list, simply click the "Create New Template" card and you will be brought to the creation form.

Let's go through the process:

  1. Choose a suitable name for your template that makes it easily identifiable.

  2. If you like, write a short description of the template that outlines it's use case.

  3. Decide whether this should be the default template or not. If it is, then it will be automatically selected when a user goes to create a new 1:1.

  4. Define the permissions for this template. Permissions decide who can use this template. So if we just have 'Admins' and 'Managers' checked, then regular employees will not be able to use the template.

  5. Use this section to add new talking points.

  6. Talking points can be edited/deleted from here after being added. you can also change the order using the drag handle on the left.

When all that is done, you can click the 'Create' button to create the template.

Editing/Deleting a Template

Clicking on any existing template in the admin view will bring you to the following screen where you can make the desired changes.

Existing 1:1's will not be affected by any changes made to a template (including deletion of the template).

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