Below is an email that you can use to introduce your team to Frankli to your people and why it is important. You can change the information in the email to more align with your team's launch, but make sure to answer three things in your launch email:

  1. What you are doing

  2. Why you are doing it

  3. Your expectations for the team

Sample Email Template

Hi [All]

Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of Frankli, our new people-centred performance management and engagement platform.

Frankli helps us work better together by connecting us on one platform. There, we can set clear goals as individuals, teams and as a company that all align. We can give ongoing feedback, which allows you to praise your peers, celebrate wins together or ask for and provide constructive feedback. There are also manager tools like 1:1s, which will help facilitate regular conversations between employees and managers, among many other useful features supporting you in your work.

We will also start running our review cycles through Frankli, with our goal-setting and review cycle check-ins against progress now taking place quarterly. This ensures everyone’s goals stay on track and your progress is accurately reflected. Most importantly, it’s to ensure supporting you better
throughout the year and we can respond to development and training needs sooner.

Here are the next steps of this process:

  •  You will be receiving an invite email from Frankli on [X]. Please ensure you register your new account and set-up your personal profile by [X].

  • Your manager will be following up to schedule a meeting with you to review and agree on your goals by the week of [X].

  •  We will be scheduling training sessions to learn more about the platform on [X]. You can sign up for one of the sessions [here].

  • (Managers) Please schedule your 1:1 meetings through Frankli by [X].

If you have any questions about Frankli or this new process, please reach out to your manager or HR Internal Champion.

Best, [Senior Leadership Team Champion]

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