Goal setting in Frankli follow the Objective Key Result (OKR) framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. You can find more detail on OKRs here.

In 'Goals' you will see:

  • My Goals: This view represents all goal types (personal, department, company) for which you are a goal owner. 
  • My Personal Goals: This view represents any personal goals that you have created. Personal goals in Frankli take on two forms. 

                     1 - Personal Operational: This goal type is for capturing goals that                                        account for your direct contribution to your wider team and company                             efforts.
                     2-  Personal Developmental:
This goal type is much more focused on                                  capturing your development  needs and are not associated with                                      aligning to department goals.

  • Department Goals: This type of goal is focused on goals at a team or department level which ideally should feed into the overall company goals. These type of goals are public and visible to anyone in your company. 
  • Company Goals: This view of goals represents the top level goals within your company and are publicly visible to anyone in your company on Frankli. Company can only be created by a defined role in Frankli called a 'Goal Admin'. 

Here you can learn more about goals in Frankli. 

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