Understanding goals in Frankli is important as they are built out across your company. Below are a few important points that will help you get started. 

1.  What makes a valid goal?
For a goal to be successfully created, it requires:

  • 1 or more owners
  • 1 or more key results
  • A goal end date
  • Visibility set (Public, Private)

Optional extras include:

  • A key result end-date
  • Priority
  • One or more tags

2. Who can create goals?

  • All employees have the ability to create personal and department goals.
  • As an employee, you can only create a department goal for the department you are in.
  • A manager has the added ability to create personal goals for their direct reports.
  • Goal Admins have the ability to create personal goals for anyone, department goals across all departments as well as company goals. (Super powers!)

2. Who can see/view goals?

  • Department goals across all departments and all company goals are public in Frankli and can be seen by all active employees.
  • Employees are able to see other employee's public goals directly from their public profile. Visibility is limited to only public goals.
  • Managers can see all of their direct report's goals regardless of whether they're public or private. Private goals can only be seen by the goal owner and their manager.
  • A Goal Admin can see all goals types created in Frankli by all people.

3. Who can be a goal owner?

  • Any employee can become a goal owner
  • All goals created in Frankli need to have at least one goal owner associated with it.
  • Any personal or company level goals can have one to many goal owners.
  • Department goals can only have people within the same department as goal owners.

4. Who can make changes to a goal?

  • A goal owner has the ability to edit, update, archive, delete or mark a goal as complete.

5. Who can comment on a goal?

  • Any active employee within your company who can see a particular goal, can add a comment to it. All comments are public.

6. Who can delete on a goal?

  • A goal owner has the ability to delete a goal.


  • Department goals cannot be deleted if a personal goal is aligned to it.
  • Company goals cannot be deleted if a department goal is aligned to it.

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