As a 'Goal Admin' in Frankli, you will have the ability to view anyone's public and private goals in Frankli. 

How can I view another employees goals?
To view anyones goals as a Goal Admin, simply navigate to their public profile in Frankli. You will have access to a button entitled 'View Goals'.

This will take you to a dedicated view showing all goals that they are a goal owner of. 

If you have both 'Goal Admin' and 'Frankli Administrator' privileges, you can also see all your peoples goals from the 'Company View' under 'Admin.'

The Company view will have an additional action icon to view goals as highlighted below. 

This will take you to the individual employees goals view as previously introduce in this article.

We recommend that the Goal Admin role is managed appropriately and limited to just those that need it to support goal management in your organisation.

Learn more about Goals here.


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