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In Frankli, you can find people across your organisation in a number of ways:

1. People Directory

The people directory offers a full listing of all people within your organisation, as well as the ability to filter by teams, departments and office locations. You also have the option to search by any part of your colleague's first name or surname.

2. Org Chart

The org chart will give you a dynamic visual of where people sit in your organisation, their role, the number of direct reports they have, and their reporting line in terms of manager. 

3. Search

Across the top of any screen in Frankli, you'll see a search bar that allows you to search any part of your colleague's first name or surname. All search results will show the individual people matches, their department, office location and who their manager is. 

How to Export Data on your People

If you're a Frankli Admin, you can also export all people-related data directly from the People Directory in .CSV format. When you select the Download Icon on the right-hand side of the screen, the .CSV file should begin downloading right away.

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