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How do I respond to a feedback request?
How do I respond to a feedback request?

Here we show you how to respond to a feedback request you have received

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When you receive a feedback request you will get a notification as highlighted below. Clicking on it will take you to the response page.

If you have received a feedback request via email, click the link to be taken to the response page.

On the response page, you will see information about the request such as who requested it, who it’s regarding, it’s current status and when it was sent. You can answer the questions using the text inputs on the right.

Once you have answered all the questions and you are happy with the feedback you have given, click 'Submit'.

If you don’t wish to answer the questions and want to decline the request instead, click the 'Decline' button and then click Yes, decline request. The sender will be notified that you have declined the request.

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