Team feedback

Here's an overview of team feedback for managers

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In Team Feedback you'll see feedback, ideas, and praise your team has shared. You can also see feedback requests that they sent or received.

To find Team Feedback click 'Team' in your sidebar. From here click 'Team Feedback' and you'll see a dropdown menu as shown below.

From here you'll see the any Feedback, Ideas and Praise your people have shared. Click 'Unprompted Feedback', 'Peer Feedback', 'Ideas' or 'Praise' as shown below to see what your people have shared.

You can see the person who received the feedback, who sent the feedback, the message they have included with the feedback and any company values the person has included in the feedback. To view and take action with the feedback, press the eye icon next to the feedback, as shown below.

From here, you will be able to see who the feedback was about, what the feedback actually was and any values included in the feedback.  Here you'll be able to visit the profile of both the person who shared the feedback and who the feedback was about.

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