Feedback History

Here's how to keep track of all of the feedback you have given and received.

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Watch the Getting Started with Feedback video here πŸ‘‡ or continue reading below.

To view your feedback history navigate to 'Feedback' in your sidebar, then click 'Feedback History' as highlighted below.

Frankli is based on feedback so we've made it easier than ever to track the feedback you've given and received.

In Feedback History - you can find all the details of any Unprompted Feedback you have given to others as well as any Praise, Ideas, Peer Feedback and Feedback Requests.Β 

To view any feedback you have received click 'Received' in the drop-down menu below Type as highlighted below.

If you click on the eye icon at the side of the feedback you can see the details of the feedback in full as seen below.

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