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Here we will talk you through how to request feedback from people in or outside your company

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Watch the Getting Started with Feedback video here 👇 or continue reading below.

If you would like to ask for feedback from your peers you can do so using Request Feedback.

You can ask for feedback about yourself and managers can ask for feedback about someone else.

Feedback can be requested from one person or many.

If the external feedback requests feature is enabled, you will be able to request feedback from people outside of your organization or who are not on Frankli via their email address.

You will have the option to ask them specific questions. You can add questions by clicking the add another question button or by clicking on the space between two existing questions. You can remove questions by clicking the x on the right side You can re-order the list by clicking and dragging the three dots on the left side.

Prior to submission, you will be able to review the request and who it will be sent to and make changes if needs be. When you’re finished, click Submit. Once sent, the recipient can choose to accept the request and answer the questions or to decline it.

From the sidebar, you can see your sent and received feedback requests and also any recent activity performed.

You can find your previous feedback requests in Feedback History.

Learn more about Feedback at Frankli here.

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