As a manager of people in Frankli you can see all the 1:1's your people are actively involved in or not. To see this view simply navigate to 'Team > Team 1:1s' as shown below.

The view present will show you all your direct reports, the number of meetings they are participating in, the time & date of the last meeting and a count on the number of meetings that were marked as 'Complete' by the participants or that 'Auto-Completed' by Frankli


Where no 1:1 meeting are scheduled, it will be flagged and displayed in red.

View detail of 1:1 meetings

You can drill down to view the detail of 1:1 your people are involved in by clicking on the expand icon next to their photo as shown below.

Once expanded, you get a detail view on who's in the relevant 1:1's as shown below.

What do I see?

  • The -> direction indicates who initiated the 1:1 meeting. In the same view you also can see a label outlining the relationship (i.e. a 'Manager' or a 'Peer')

  • You can also see the frequency of each meeting

  • The number of meetings that have occurred

  • The time and date of the last 1:1 meeting in the schedule

  • Finally, if the meeting was marked as 'Complete' by the participants or 'Auto-completed' by Frankli.

    Note: This can be an important measure of whether 1:1 meeting schedules committed, are actually happening or not.

What Next?

Steps to organising 1:1 meetings with your people

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