When you navigate to 'Goals' in Frankli, you will be presented with a number of different tabs, each representing different views of goals within your company.

Here's a breakdown of the views:

My Goals
This view represents all goal types (personal, department, company) for which you are a goal owner. The default view to load is 'Active' goals. You have the ability to filter this view by (Active, Completed, Archived, All). 

My Personal Goals
This view represents any personal goals that you have created. Personal goals can be either Public or Private. Public will be displayed on your personal profile page and visible to anyone in your company. Private can only be seen by you, your direct manager and the Goal Admin. Personal goals can include anyone else in the company as a goal owner.

Personal goals in Frankli take on two forms.

  1. Personal Operational

This goal type is for capturing goals that account for your direct contribution to your wider team and company efforts. Personal operational goals can be aligned to an active department goal for your department or directly to an active Company level goal. These goals can be aligned to an active company goal. 

 2. Personal Developmental    

This goal type is much more focus on capturing your development  needs and are not associated with aligning to department goals.

Department Goals

This view will automatically load all active department goals for the department that you are in. As well as 'Active' you can also filter by  (Completed, Archived, All).  

Some important points on department goals:

  • All Department goals must be Public and as a result are visible to anyone in your company on Frankli. 
  • You can easily filter by other department goals from this tab.
  • Any department goal can be aligned to an active company goal.
  • Department goal owners must be from that same department. 
  • Department goals cannot be deleted if a personal goal is aligned to it.

Company Goals
This view of goals represents the top level goals within your company and are publicly visible to anyone in your company on Frankli. Company goals must be public and can only be created by a defined role in Frankli called a 'Goal Admin'. 

A Goal Admin can make anyone a goal owner of a Company goal. When it comes to deleting Company goals, they cannot be deleted if a Personal Operational or Department level goal is aligned to it.

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