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Classic View - Archive Goals

Finished with your goal or need to put it on the back burner? Here's how to archive goals so you don't lose any progress you've made.

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If you have finished with a goal or simply want to put it on the back burner you can easily archive the goal in Frankli. Archiving a goal moves the goal and all its progress into a goal archive.

To do this, simply navigate to goals, and review the goal that you want to archive.

Click in on the specific goal to view the detail

Click the 'Archive' selection located across the top of the goal detail as shown below.

Confirm your action or cancel out.

That's it, you're done.

To view all archived goals navigate back to your 'My Goal's tab and click archived goals in the 'Filter By' drop down menu. Here you'll see all archived goals that you are a goal owner. You can also view relevant archived goals by 'Department', 'Company' by clicking on the relevant tabs and selecting the same option from the 'Filter By' drop down menu.

To unarchive the goal click 'Unarchive' when viewing the archived goal. This will move the goal back into into 'Active' goals.

When goals are archived, you cannot update any progress against goal or comment on goal activity.

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