When you give praise to your colleagues in Frankli, it gets posted to their public profile. This is publicly visible to everyone within your organisation. 

You'll be able to see the praise itself and any company values tagged in the praise as well.

The person in question also gets notified directly within Frankli that you have given them praise and their managers also gets notified. 

If you view the person's public profile and you cannot see the praise you have given them, the person has likely opted to hide the praise from their public profile. This is something any person has control over. 

Your Feedback History 

Frankli will also store all your praise (both sent/received) in one location. To view this navigate to 'Feedback > Feedback History' as shown below.

Here you'll see all your Praise in a table view with filters available for 'Sent' & 'Received' praise. Clicking the eye icon under 'Actions' will allow you to view all detail relating to specific praise. 

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