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How to Connect Vincere to Frankli
How to Connect Vincere to Frankli

How to integrate Vincere with Frankli so you can access Vincere statistics on your Frankli dashboard

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Integrating Vincere with Frankli allows you to fetch statistics from Vincere, which will then appear on your Frankli dashboard. These are particularly useful for 1:1 meetings and Performance Reviews.

How to Integrate Vincere with Frankli

1. Select Admin Dashboard

2. Select Integrations

3. Select Vincere. If you do not see the Vincere option, please contact us via the Intercom chat box in the bottom right corner of the screen, so we can enable it for you.

4. Select Setup Vincere.

5. Provide your Vincere API details. You can obtain these details from the Vincere support team. Take care to ensure these details are correct - the integration will not work otherwise.

6. Now you will be able to connect your Vincere Admin account to Frankli. Select the Connect my account option in the Link admin account section.

7. You will be redirected to Vincere, where it will ask you for your login details, if you're not already logged in. Once you log in successfully, you'll be redirected back to Frankli. You should see a confirmation message on the page.

And you're done! Please note that it may take up to 1 hour for Frankli to perform the initial sync with Vincere.

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