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Dotted-Line Manager Reporting

What is a Dotted-Line Manager and how this role functions within Frankli

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What is a Dotted-Line Manager?

A Dotted-Line manager is an informal manager who is additional to an employee's direct line manager. They are often a team lead or project lead who can provide additional support and guidance.

What Can a Dotted-Line Manager Do in Frankli?

Dotted-Line managers have additional permissions in Frankli as follows;

  • Visibility of private goals

  • Visibility of private feedback

  • Visibility of past reviews

  • Access to talking point templates

  • Visibility of 1:1 context manager details (private goals, feedback, ideas, etc.. as per primary manager)

What Makes a Dotted-Line Manager Different from a Regular Manager?

A Dotted-Line manager cannot take any action in the system. This role is solely for visibility.

What Happens When a Dotted-Line Manager is Activated?

Once activated, a Dotted-Line Manager will see additional people in their Team View in Frankli. Where a dotted-line manager has direct reports, there will be a clear distinction in the form of a "Dotted-Line" label.

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