As an Admin in Frankli, you can report on progress, results and scoring of review cycles in real-time.

To do so navigate to 'Admin > Review Cycles'.

Next select the active review cycle you want view reporting for.

Next, select 'View Active Reporting' as highlighted below.

When a review cycle has just kicked off and there is no completed steps, the reporting view will show as below.

As active participants in a review cycle move through the relevant actions and steps, the real-time reporting view changes significantly.

From this reporting view we can see:

  • Overall participation rate in the review cycle based on those invited to take part

  • An breakdown of average scoring per active step in the review cycle

  • Detail on each employee in the review cycle (Name, position, department, manager, tenure)

  • Actual scores rewarded where assessment groups feature in one or many steps

  • Under 'Actions' as an Admin you can also do real-time calibration of scoring & view detail responses to questions in each of the active steps


  1. Calibration

Based on the active steps that make up the review cycle, an Admin can adjust the overall scoring using the calibration function available.

As well adjusting the score, you have the ability to add in commentary as to why a particular adjustment has occurred. This allows for context to be clearly captured as part of the overall process.

2. View Detail

This action allows you as an Admin to view all detail responses to each question that forms part of an active step in the review cycle.

Search & Filters

You can easily search on specific results of any employee by entering any part of their first or last name in the available search component.

There is also the option to filter your results by detailed criteria as shown below.

Export PDFs

As part of active & real-time reporting you also have the option to export results in PDF format for one or many participants in the review cycle. Simply tick the checkbox next to their name or 'Select All' and then proceed to click the button 'Export as PDF' that becomes available, as shown below.

This will output an individual PDF for each participant selected and show all current completed steps data in a single document.

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