Unlike Surveys, Polls allow you to add and ask your team custom questions.

To create a poll you must have either the admin or manager role.

Get Started

Start by clicking on 'Surveys & Polls' in the sidebar and click 'Create' as shown below.

Next, click 'Build a poll from scratch'.

You can add one or many questions to the poll by first choosing a question type. The options currently available are 'Text' based response, 'Likert scale' or 'multiple choice'.

When you add a question, you can define the text of the question, and where multiple choice is selected, you can define the options for multiple choice answers.

Once you have the designed the questions that make up your poll, you can click 'Next' to progress to the next step.

Now you can select who you want the poll to be sent to. You can order by name, department, office location, manager or start date. You can also search poll recipients by name.

The final step is to name your poll, add a description or message for the recipients, decide whether to send the poll as yourself or on behalf of the company, and set an expiry date.


Once the expiry date has passed, recipients will no longer be able to add responses.

That's it! Emails and notifications will be sent out to the recipients, and a reminder email sent before the poll expires if they haven't completed it yet.

What's Next ?

Responding to a Poll

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