As a manager of people who are involved in an active review cycle in Frankli, you will receive an email as soon as the manager led review step becomes active.

You will also be notified directly in Frankli via your notifications and where the manager led review step is due within the next 30 days, you will see an upcoming deadline populated on your dashboard and also a message display in your welcome messages when you login, as shown below.

Upcoming deadlines showing the Manage led review due.

When you click on any of your notifications or upcoming deadlines related to 'Manager Led Review', you will be brought directly into the manager led review for the person in question as shown below.

What to expect during review?

As numbered above we outline main components that make up an active manager led review:

  1. The number of 'direct report' reviews with you to complete including your own self-reflection where applicable

  2. The questions that form part of the manager led review for you to complete, the name of the review cycle and the due date for completion.

  3. All context for the period under review including the following:

  • Their own self-reflection response where this is a valid and completed previous step in this review cycle

  • All notes captured during previous 1:1's with the person in question

  • Goal progress to-date and due within the period under review

  • Any praise given during the period under review

  • Any ideas shared by the person during the period under review

  • Any feedback received during period under review

As you progress through the questions that make up the manager led review, your responses will autosave on screen. If you navigate away and return, your last answer will be successfully saved. If in doubt, you also have the ability to manually save changes via 'Save' located at the bottom of the page.

When your ready to finalise your answers

You must complete all questions for a valid manager led review to be submitted. Up until the deadline for this review step, you can 'save' and 'edit' your response as often as you like.

Understanding Team Reviews

What to expect when your people are part of an upcoming or active Review Cycle

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