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Unsubmitting multiple reviews at once
Unsubmitting multiple reviews at once

Here we explain how to unsubmit multiple self reflection or manager reviews at once

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As an admin, you can unsubmit someone's response to a review if an answer needs to be changed or corrected.

To start, click on Admin in the sidebar.

Click on Review Cycles.

Open the relevant cycle.

Click on View Results in the banner at the bottom to open the reporting view.

Select the people you wish to unsubmit the self reflection or manager review for and click on Unsubmit selected reviews under the actions drop-down.

You will be asked to choose which type of review to unsubmit and to comment on why you're unsubmitting said reviews.

Once you confirm, the person will receive an email letting them know their response was unsubmitted, along with your comment.

They will be able to view your comment from within Frankli too.

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