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How to Create, Edit or Delete Sites
How to Create, Edit or Delete Sites

Admins can create, edit and delete company Sites via the Admin Dashboard. Here's how.

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Sites are used to group people in your company together by where they work from.

How to View Existing Sites

1. Navigate to the Admin dashboard using the menu on the left-hand side.

2. Select Company.

3. Select Manage Sites.

4. You can use the Arrow on the left-hand side to view more information on individual Sites.

Managing site data

How to Add a New Site

You can create a new site using the Create button in the top-right corner.

You will be prompted to choose a name for your Site. This will be visible to everyone in your company using Frankli.

You can also, optionally, set an address for the site.

When you're happy with the name you've entered, select Create.

How to Edit an Existing Site

To edit an existing site, click the Edit icon on the right-hand side of the Site you'd like to edit.

A form will appear allowing you to make any changes.

Select Update to save any changes you make.

How to Copy an Existing Site

To copy a site, click the Copy icon on the right-hand side of the Site you'd like to copy.

This will open the create form with the details of the copied Site already filled out.

Select Create to create your new Site.

How to Delete a Site

To delete an existing Site, click the Delete icon on the right-hand side of the Site you'd like to edit.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the chosen Site. If you confirm, the Site will be deleted permanently.

How to Delete Multiple Sites at Once

You can delete multiple Sites at once by using the Bulk Actions feature.

Start by clicking Bulk Actions on the top right-hand side.

Select the Sites you'd like to delete.

A banner will appear. Select Delete on the bottom right of the banner to delete all the selected Sites.

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