Review Cycles in Frankli are designed around a series of steps that can be a combination of the following, in any order:

  • Employee led self-reflections

  • Peer feedback requests

  • Manager led reviews

Each step will have a unique start and end date, preventing overlapping of steps. As a manager of people, you will have full visibility of where your people are at in the overall process and you will have a direct contribution via the Manager led review and approving relevant peer reviews.

What to expect

When people you manage are invited to be part of an active review cycle in Frankli, you will first be notified via email.

You will also see notifications directly in Frankli.

If you click on the notifications in Frankli you will be taken directly into the Review Cycle in question as shown below.

The view shown can be found under Team > Team Reviews in your sidebar. This is a new menu item that will only become available when you have people involved in an upcoming review cycle.

'Team Reviews' will show you an overview of all completed and active review cycles that your people are involved in, all in one place.

Click on any of the cycles to view the details. You'll then see the following view:

Here you can see the names of the people included in the particular review cycle, the dates associated with each step and their progress to-date against each step. This view will update in real-time as your people complete relevant steps such as their self-reflection.

You also have the option to click in on an individual's name and get a detailed view of their responses and see the relevant deadlines and due dates on each corresponding step.

Peer feedback requests

If this step is enabled as part of the end to end review cycle process, your people will each be asked to nominate up to five peers to write a peer review of them. These requests will come to you for approval first. You will see Peer feedback requests and notifications pop up in the tab highlighted below.

Once you have approved a request for a peer review, the user nominated will be able to accept or decline. If they complete their review, you will be able to see their review of your direct report.

You can learn more about 'Review Cycles' here

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