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A guide to the Team reviews page
A guide to the Team reviews page

This is what you can see as a people manager during a review cycle

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As a people manager, you will be able to see everything about your team's review cycles from the Team > Team Reviews page.

If anybody in your team is participating in a review cycle, you will see it listed here.

Cycle overview

Click on a cycle to view more information about it's participants and their progress.

You will be able to see the name of the cycle, the steps included and the period under reivew.

For each of your team that is participating in the cycle (and for anyone who is in their reporting line) you will be able to see if they have completed each step.

Where peer reviews are included, you will see any invites sent by your team that need approval here.

Detailed people view

You can click on a person to open up the details view.

From this page, you can see any submitted responses relating to this person's review cycle.

This includes:

  • Self reflection response

  • Peer review invites and responses

  • Upward review invites and responses

  • Manager review response

  • Associated 1:1 schedule notes

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