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Unlocking manager reviews after calibration
Unlocking manager reviews after calibration

Here we explain how to unlock the manager review for a cycle participant so that they can be shared by their manager

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As an admin you can unlock a manager review in order to make it shareable by a manager.

Note: This only applies to Review cycles with the calibration step enabled as managers can share the review responses straight away otherwise.

Navigate to the review cycle from Admin > Review Cycles and click on the relevant cycle.

Next, click on View Reporting in the banner at the bottom of the page.

If some of your people have submitted their manager review responses and they are still locked, you will see a banner at the top of the page which will allow you to unlock the responses for all submitted manager reviews.

Alternatively, if you want to unlock for just a selection of people, simply select them from the list and click Unlock selected reviews under the actions drop-down.

Note: you can easily keep track of which reviews have yet to be unlocked or shared using the 'Manager review status' column

Finally, you can also unlock when viewing the response from the persons details page.

Simply click on the Unlock sharing of this review button when viewing the response to their manager review.

Once unlocked, the person's manager will have the ability to share their response with them.

Managers will receive an email notifying them that their reviews can now be shared.

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