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Classic View - Updating progress against a goal
Classic View - Updating progress against a goal

With Frankli you can update your goal using progress updates and comments. This article explains how to do that.

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Step 1:

Navigate to 'Goals' in your sidebar and choose the goal you wish to update from 'My Goals' by clicking in on it.

Step 2: 

By scrolling in your goal view you will see the following section titled 'Update Progress'

Your goal is likely made up of a number of key results. You can change the current value for your progress vs your goal value.

In the progress made text box you can provide context to the progress you have made. Next you'll be asked about the overall Status. Think about this in relation to your committed overall goal delivery date. Select whether you view your progress as Off Track, Progressing or On Track by clicking the relevant option.

Step 3:

When you are finished entering your goal progress be sure to click the button titled 'Update Progress' in the bottom right corner as shown above.

Important: If you don't click the 'Update Progress' button, your progress will not be saved.

Step 4:

Finally, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find a timeline of 'Goal Activity' as shown below:

Here you, your manager or colleagues can leave a comment on any updates and thoughts in relation to a specific goal. To leave a comment click in on 'Post a comment' and simply type your comment. When you are done click enter to post. 

Your 'Goal Activity' will prove a valuable reminder and recap for all progress you make against your goals over a given period.

What Next?

Need to do some housekeeping and archive some goals?

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