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Calibrating a submitted assessment score
Calibrating a submitted assessment score

Here we explain how to calibrate an assessment score for a submitted manager review

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Calibration can be used to adjust the value of a submitted assessment score so that your people can be scored evenly along among each group. eg. Making sure that every person isn't rated 5/5.

Note: In order to calibrate a score, the calibration option must have been enabled when setting up the Review cycle.

Calibration can only be done on Manager review scores and you can only calibrate a score after it has been submitted.

To start, go to Admin > Review Cycles and click on the relevant cycle.

Click on View Results in the banner at the bottom of the page.

To calibrate a person's score, click on the associated icon under the actions column.

You will be shown a window which lets you choose a new score for the person. You can comment on why this score was changed.

This will not overwrite the old score but it will be visible as the answer for the assessment question once the review is shared with the participant.

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