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Unsubmitting the response to a review
Unsubmitting the response to a review

How to unsubmit a submitted response to a self reflection, manager review, peer review or upward review

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As an admin, you can unsubmit a peer review to be edited and submitted again after the changes have been made.

You can do so from the Admin dashboard.

To start, click on Admin in the sidebar.

Then, click on Review Cycles.

Open the relevant review cycle by clicking on it.

Click on a person to view their details.

Open the response for the review you wish to unsubmit and click the Unsubmit button to begin the unsubmit process.

You can add an additional comment to explain why the review should be changed.

The affected person will be notified of the change and your reason for unsubmitting will be visible to them in Frankli.

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