As an admin, you can un-submit someone's self-reflection if an answer needs to be changed or corrected.

If you only want to un-submit one person's Self Reflection, you can do so by navigating to their self-reflection in the admin view directly.

If the Self Reflection is completed, you will see a button to un-submit the Self Reflection.

Clicking this will give you the chance to add an additional comment to give context for the changes and explain what needs to be done. This will be shared with this person via email and will be available to them while they edit their Self Reflection.

You can also do this in bulk in the reporting view, which can be accessed by navigating to the admin view of the cycle, and clicking 'View Results' or 'Complete Cycle' depending on the state of the steps in the cycle.

You will see a list of the participants and some information about their progress through the cycle. You can select the person or people for who you want to un-submit the self-reflection for, and with the 'Actions' drop-down on the right, you can click 'Unsubmit Reviews'.

This will present you with a basic form you can use to explain the issues with the Self Reflection or Manager review in question.

Once you confirm, the person will receive an email letting them know their Self Reflection was un-submitted, along with your comment.

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