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Distributing a goal to your people
Distributing a goal to your people

How to create duplicates of the same goal for multiple people

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In the event that you want to create multiple instances of the same goal but with different owners, you can use the goal distribution option.

Where can I find the distribute goal option?

The distribute goal option can be found just below where you specify the owners in the goal creation form.

How is the goal "distributed"?

For each goal owner you select, a new goal will be created with only them as an owner.


In the above screenshot, two goals would be created - one with Aluin as the owner and another with Faye as the owner.

Who can use this feature?

This option will be visible during goal creation if:

  • You are a Manager

  • You are an Admin

  • You are a Goal Admin.

Who can I distribute goals to?

Managers and Admins can distribute goals to their direct reports and/or themselves.

Goal Admins can distribute goals to anyone in their company.

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