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How to change the Terminology

A step by step guide on how to configure how the ‘Dotted-line manager’ role and the ‘Team’ and ‘Department’ organizational units is named

Updated over a week ago

In Frankli we are aware that some organisations might use different wording for their 'teams' and 'departments'. To cater for this, as an Admin you can change the way ‘Teams’ and ‘Departments’ are displayed throughout the application and in any email communications that get sent out.

Where do I start?

Navigate to your sidebar menu item and find the 'Admin' menu.

This will take you to your Admin dashboard with the following options.

Click on 'Company' . You will then be brought to the following page.

Next, click on 'Other'.

Next - click 'Terminology'

On this page, you can set up the terminology.

Once you’ve changed the terminology - click ‘Update’ - your changes will be saved and new naming conventions will be automatically applied across the entire application and in all related emails.

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