Before you can share completed reviews with your team there are a few requirements:

  • A manager review must have been completed for the person you wish to share with.

  • If calibration was enabled for the review cycle, then an Admin must first unlock the ability for you to share the reviews with your team. After an Admin unlocks your reviews, you will receive an email explaining that unlocked reviews can be shared now.

You can share a review in one of two ways: either by sharing directly after submitting the review, or later on via the 'Team Reviews' page.

Directly after submitting the review

Note: You can only share your review this way if calibration is disabled for your review cycle.

After completing a review and hitting 'submit', you will first be prompted to confirm your choice, and then you will be prompted to share the review with your direct report now.

If you decide to share your review now, you will also be prompted to set up a once-off 1:1 with the reviewee to discuss the outcome of their review.

From the 'Team Reviews' page

You can share your manager review with a person by going to 'Team' in the sidebar and then 'Team Reviews'.

From here, click on the cycle you wish to share a review from.

If all the above requirements are met, you should be able to see a button 'Share review' on screen. To activate, simply select the checkbox next to the people you want to share the manager review for. You can also speed things up by selecting 'Select all'.

Click on the button 'Share review' and the review(s) will be shared.

If you only shared the review of one individual, you will be prompted to set up a 1:1 with them.

Set up 1:1

Clicking on “Set up 1:1” will bring you to the 1:1 creation screen with much of the form pre-filled for you including the participant, the purpose, the frequency, and the linked review cycle. The Performance Review Outcome talking point template will also be automatically selected for you, although you can modify it as you see fit.

Linking a review cycle to a 1:1 allows you to view the participant’s Manager Review and Self Reflection in the 1:1 sidebar.

What happens Next?

  • Each employee who has had their review shared will receive an email and a notification directly in Frankli informing them of such.

  • Your team can then see the completed review in the 'Completed Reviews' tab inside 'My Reviews'.

  • We recommend you schedule time with your team members to discuss feedback & future plans.

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