As an admin you can 'unlock' a manager review in order to make it shareable by a manager..

Navigate to the review cycle from 'Admin > Review Cycles'.

Next, click on 'View Reporting' as shown below.

To unlock one or all manager reviews, simply mark the checkbox next to the name of the person who's final review you want to share. To speed things up, you have the option to also 'Select All' as shown below.

As soon as one or many checkboxes become active, you will see the button 'Unlock Review' appear across the top of this component, next to 'Export as PDF'.

Once unlocked, each manager will have the ability to share out their final review feedback with each of their direct reports as part of this review cycle. Managers will receive an email explaining that their reviews have been unlocked and can now be shared.

With the 'Manager Review Status' column, you can easily keep track of which reviews have yet to be unlocked or shared, as well as which ones have been viewed by the participant.

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