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Classic View - Viewing your Team Goals
Classic View - Viewing your Team Goals

A guide to the new Team Goals page for managers

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The Team Goals page has seen an overhaul which now allows you to see the goals of anyone below you in the company, along with the statistics for any managers and their teams.

Understanding the table

The first view you will see is of your direct reports.

If any of your direct reports are managers, you can see their direct reports by clicking the dropdown to the left of their profile picture.

If any of their direct reports are managers, there will be another dropdown to see their reports.

Searching and filtering

If you wish to filter the results, click on the dropdown next to the search box and select any filters you require. The filters stack, meaning if you choose '6-10' and '11-20' for active goals, it will show all people with '6-10' AND '11-20' goals.

The search bar can be used to search your people by name.

If you feel that there is a lot of unnecessary information in the table, you can use the column toggle button to the right of the search to turn some of the columns off. Be aware that this is not permanent and will reset when you leave the page.

Viewing someones goals

If a user in the table has goals, you will see an icon next to them in the 'Actions' column. Hovering over this icon will tell you how many goals they have.

Clicking on the icon will open up this view, showing their goal statistics and a list of their goals.

You can click the dropdown on the left side of each goal to see information about it's key results or aligned goals. If you wish to see even more information on it, you can click anywhere else on the goal open it.

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