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Deleting a Goal as a Goal Admin
Deleting a Goal as a Goal Admin

Here we take you through the steps to delete a goal as a Goal Admin

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As a Goal Admin, you have the ability to delete a goal on behalf of someone else, any department goal or a Company level goal. Effectively you have full permission to delete any goal that exists.

When you delete a goal in Frankli, the data is lost and removed permanently. If unsure, we would first recommend archiving the goal as you do have the option to reinstate an archived goal. 

Deleting a Department Goal

Firstly navigate to 'Goals' > 'Department Goals'. 

Select the 'Department' you want to delete the goal from. Frankli will default the dropdown to your own department, in this instance 'Management'.

Let's look at deleting a goal from the Marketing department.

Select the goal from the available selection and click in on it to view goal detail.

Across the top of the Goal detail you will see options to 'Edit', 'Archive' and 'Delete'.

Note: If you don't see the options to 'Edit', 'Archive' or 'Delete' as displayed above, it means you are not an active Goal Admin. Check out the related article on setting-up a Goal Admin here

You will be asked to confirm deletion of the goal you selected.

As mentioned previously, once deleted all data and detail related to this goal will be permanently deleted from your records.

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