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How do I Add Skills to my Profile?
How do I Add Skills to my Profile?

Adding Skills to your profile lets people know what you're good at

Updated over a week ago

You can enhance your Frankli profile by including some of your Skills. Skills refer to any subjects or activities that you can demonstrate experience with and knowledge of.

Note: the Skills feature must first be enabled by your Frankli Admin.

How to Add or Remove Skills

1. Select the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen, beside your profile picture.

2. Select Settings

3. Select the Skills tab.

4. Your selected skills will be shown in the box marked Selected. Any Skills that already exist in your organisation will be shown in the space marked Library. To add or remove a skill from your profile, simply select it.

5. When you're happy with your changes, select Save.

How to Suggest New Skills

If one of your Skills isn't currently available in the library, you can suggest it.

1. Select Suggest a skill.

2. A form will appear prompting you to enter the Name and Category of your new Skill. Once you've completed the form, select Create.

3. Your Skill will be sent to a Frankli Admin for approval. You'll receive a notification once it's been approved, at which point you can return to your profile and add the Skill.

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