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How do I enable SSO/Outlook calendar integration on behalf of my organization?
How do I enable SSO/Outlook calendar integration on behalf of my organization?

Learn how to enable Microsoft SSO login and Outlook calendar integration with Frankli.

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As a Microsoft Active Directory administrator navigate to

If you are already logged into Frankli, you will need to sign out. To do so go to the menu beside your name in the top right corner and use the Log out option.

Now you need to sign in via the ‘Microsoft’ button located on the Sign-in screen as shown below.

You should see this screen with information about the permissions requested by Frankli. Select Consent on behalf of your organization and click Accept. This will validate the permissions for all users in the organisation and will allow them to:

Once you have accepted the above - you need to communicate with your staff and let them know that this is available.

If they want to enable calendar integration for their account - they will need to repeat the steps above and login to Frankli using their Microsoft account. If they already are logged in to Frankli - they need to sign-out and sign in again - to update the connection between Frankli and Microsoft Account with new permissions.

If you encountered any issues enabling SSO using the above steps, please try the following:

  1. Log in to the Azure portal as an admin.

  2. Head to Azure Active Directory and make a note of your Tenant ID.

  3. Construct the following URL:{tenant-id}/adminconsent?client_id=1fe6f42d-1209-4c2b-8548-e0f07fca8768
  4. Replace the {tenant-id} in the URL with the Tenant ID of your company's directory that you took note of earlier and remove the curly braces.

  5. Head to the URL and you should be presented with the option to give consent to the app across your organisation.

For more information on this process, you can visit the documentation from Microsoft here.

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