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How do I manage mentoring for my team?
How do I manage mentoring for my team?

Learn how to action mentoring requests from your team in Frankli Connect

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Start by heading to “Connect” from the sidebar, then selecting “Mentoring” and then “Manage Mentoring Requests” from the menu to view your Connect manager dashboard.

Actioning Mentoring Requests

When you receive a mentoring request, you can view it by clicking the “eye” icon under “actions” for that request.

This will bring you to the mentoring request page where you can review and action it using the buttons labelled “Approve” and “Decline” at the bottom of the form.

Approving a mentoring request will progress the mentoring request to the next stage, where it will be sent to the mentor for final approval.

Declining a mentoring request will send it back to the mentee, where they can make adjustments to the form based on your comments before resubmitting.

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