If you have been invited to complete a self-reflection step as part of an active performance review cycle you will get invited via email and also see relevant notifications directly in Frankli.

Invite Email View:

When you log into Frankli you will immediately see a friendly reminder in your welcome message.

If the self-reflection step is due within the next 30 days it will also show up in your Dashboard 'Upcoming Deadlines'

From your 'Notifications' you will also see an active task reminding you that the 'Self -Reflection' step is now active.

Note: The task will remain visible in your notifications along with the upcoming deadline on your Dashboard until it is actually completed and submitted. This is in intentional by design to ensure you have full visibility of outstanding and due tasks.

When you click through on any of the above notifications as they are presented you will be taken directly into the Self-Reflection. You will also see a new option in your menu item titled 'My Reviews'.

The Self-Reflection question set along with the due date for completion will be visible.

As you begin typing your response to each question, you will noticed a progress bar showing status to completion auto update as you progress and your answers will auto save.

You can return and edit your answers as many times as you wish up until midnight of the 'Due Date' as shown.

Once you have completed all questions and provided a rating on your overall contribution for this period of review (optional step) you will see the option to 'Submit' your Self-Reflection.

Note: This option is only available once all answers have been completed. Secondly, once you click submit, your response is finalised.

Tip: If you feel like you are unsure about a particular question, ask for clarification and hold-off submitting your response until you are absolutely confident in your answers.

Once Completed

Once you have submitted your self-reflection, you will see it greyed out as shown above. You will have access to review what was submitted by expanding the section, but you will not be able to edit or update your response.

What will happen Next?

Your Manager will get notified in Frankli that you have completed your self-reflection.

The end to end process might consist of multiple steps as part of an overall review, so be patient. Your manager will have an opportunity to review your self-reflection and once all other steps are finalised you can expected to have a 1:1 with your manager to discuss the overall outcome.

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