When people you manage are invited into a review cycle for the first time, you as their manager will see a new menu item title 'Team Reviews' become active under your existing 'Team' view.

With Team Reviews you can view who in your team is part of an active or has completed a review. Where peer reviews are enabled as a step in the overall process, this is the place where you will also see any peer feedback invite requests that first come to you for approval.

Get Started

To view your teams reviews click 'Team > Team Reviews' in your sidebar.

Firstly you will see a complete overview of any review cycles your direct reports are involved in.

Detailed People View

If you click on any review cycle name in the available list, you will see relevant details about the people involved, the timelines for completing each step and a real-time status on where your people are at in the overall process.

If you click on an individual's name, you will see detail real-time responses to their self-reflection for example.

Manager Led Reviews

Directly from 'Team Reviews' you will be able to access and view any completed manager led reviews, all in one place. When this step becomes activated as part of the overall review cycle, you will receive a separate activation email and related notifications directly in Frankli.

Approve/Decline your direct reports peer requests

When this step is enabled as part of the end to end review cycle process you can expect to find approval requests from each of your direct reports under the tab titled 'Peer requests'

We will cover off peer requests in more detail in a separate help article.

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