Peer reviews forms part of a performance review cycle for many organisations. This step when enabled, allows you as an employee to invite up to five colleagues to complete a peer review on your performance.

The people you select for this will first need to be approved by your own manager. Once approved, your peers will then be notified. Please note, they will also have the option to 'decline' or 'accept' the invite based on how relevant they view their feedback.

Why are peer reviews important?

No one is an island, everybody will work and collaborate with somebody else over the course of the review cycle. It's very important that you get other peoples review of your work as it helps give a balanced view of your progress. This will help shape your overall performance at the end of the review cycle.

Pro Tip:
Think about those people you have worked with over recent months and at different levels of seniority. They are best positioned to give an up to date perspective.

Who will see this review?

The reviews of your work will be available to your manager when they have been completed. Your manager can then share this feedback to you after the review, as well having more information for their manager reviews during the cycle.

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