If you have been added to a review cycle you will get invited via email and relevant notifications will show directly in Frankli.

Based on the steps that make up the-end to-end review cycle process, the email you receive will be tailored as such and outline how the process will work, what to expect and inform you what the deadline for completion is.

When you log into Frankli you will also see notifications relating to the review cycle invite and one informing you when the self-reflection step starts.

When your self-reflection is due within 30 days it will automatically get picked up and displayed in your upcoming deadlines.

When you click on the 'Self-Reflection' in Upcoming Deadlines it will take you directly through to the step where you can see the due date for completion and the relevant questions that make up the self-reflection.

You will also get updated reminders both in app and via email to complete this step as you approach the due date.

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